What We Do

Nowadays, SMART Group of Companies has been recognized as market leader in Myanmar.

Our SMART Technical Services Company is a prominent one-stop service provider in Myanmar's Oil and Gas industry, focusing on customer satisfaction since 1994. We prioritize the well-being of employees, customers, and communities they serve, aligning with their values. We aim to deliver top-notch international standard services; ensuring customer needs are met through a commitment to quality. We adhere to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, valuing integrity and transparency, while also emphasizing corporate social responsibility and continuous improvement.

Type - Subsidiary Company

Established in 1997 as part of SMART Electrical, the Electrical Department aimed to supply quality products and installation services to Myanmar's electrical industry. Our journey started by exclusively distributing ABB voltage products, and then expanded to introduce Korean LS brand products in Myanmar. With the standards of IEC, UL, CE, AS, BS, SS, MS, EMC, IEEE, ANSI and KEMA, the department's reputable products and services have been widely recognized. The team of experienced engineers contributes to making SMART Electrical a leader in Myanmar's electrical products and services field.

Type - Subsidiary Company

SMART E&P International Co Ltd has a product sharing contract with PT Istech (EP-5)8 and Tap Oil (M-7) in Myanmar.

Type - Subsidiary Company

SMART Energy Resources Co., Ltd is the only Myanmar company provider of high-resolution reservoir-grade, seismic data acquisition and processing. Smart Energy Resources Co.,Ltd. Combines experience, innovation and operational safety with the latest geophysical technology to facilitate successful project execution. Utilizing the AutoSeis HDR-1C autonomous nodal recording system, we can field very large channel count systems for both wide azimuth acquisition projects and large 3D prospect areas.

Type - Subsidiary Company

Recognizing the importance of instrumentation in modern industries for testing, data acquisition, and control, our SMART group established the M&C (Measurement & Control) Co., Ltd in 2016. We specialize in supplying instrumentation products for various industries as a sole distributor of many well-known global brands in Myanmar, later expanding into Mechanical Products, and Testing and Measuring Equipment. Equipped with a skilled engineering team and electronic lab, we offer design, installation, and commissioning services.

For almost a decade, Holy dragon has been providing one-stop services at Myanmar Oil and Gas Industry, emphasizing in the areas of Agency & Logistics Services, Consultation services, Marine support services, Human Capacity services ad last but not least, freight forwarding services. Our values and standards go both inwards and outwards, focusing on safety and environmental responsibilities, and mutual respect as one team. We strike to provide superior quality services to bring responsible growth for those in our chain.

Since 2001, Myanmar Electrical and Instrumentation Co., Ltd has been offering the best engineering services along with the one stop provision of the lifting devices, communication devices, mechanical products and real time monitoring devices from around the world, especially for Electrical and Oil and gas industries of Myanmar. Our most valued practice is our HSE guidelines to prevent all accidents and occupational hazards as well as the protection and preservation of environment and nature.

Mr. Min Min Thet Hlaing

Business Development Director
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+959 79 514 4443

SMART engage partners’ day-to-day interaction as business partners, joint projects, business planning, functional groups on strategic issues, ‘Top-to-Top’ senior management meeting. For our trade groups and industry, we combine with other operators companies or international oil and gas and drilling association, to build industry collaborations, joint value creation initiatives, ongoing dialogue, and policy engagement activities. For shareholders, we conduct Annual General Meetings and ongoing dialogue with analysts and investors.

Mr. Zarni Swe

Director (Business Development)
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+959 5122220

SMART engage governments and regulatory authorities by foreign investment advisory councils, chambers of commerce others initiative organizations to become a responsible business. For the potential business development, SMART engage clients by active hotlines, local websites, and site visit, plant tours, research, surveys and focus groups to know the intensive needs of clients in the market. For monitoring and taking care of our clients, we regular visits to clients, dedicated account teams, joint business planning, joint value creation initiatives, social media engagement.