We are constantly faced with competitive fast-changing world of business. In this situation, it’s not always clear how we should behave or what is acceptable to our colleagues, customers, vendors and communities in which we work.

“SMART takes zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption. We are committed to create an ethical culture and promote the highest integrity where we operate. We are responsible to ensure our employees and third party contractors fully understand our Anti- Bribery and Corruption Policy and share our commitment to comply as well. We believe we can work and achieve greater success together by doing our business right all the time.”

Kyaw Kyaw Hlaing


SMART Group of Companies

“ We wish to practice business fairly and ethically. It is our commitment for all our employees and business partners to pledge all work activities with high integrity and transparency. It is our entire stakeholder’s responsibility to battle corruption and conduct business responsibly.”

Yadana Su Hlaing

Managing Director

SMART Technical Services

SMART Electrical Co., Ltd (SEC) is one of the Electrical goods trading companies and SEC's employee ensure to follow the nature of ethic & integrity. And also very well understanding of Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy. So, SEC never provide Fraud & Unqualified products & services to our valuable customers.

Naing Naing Oo

Managing Director

SMART Electrical Co., Ltd


In SMART, code of ethic is considered as the ultimate tool to fulfill our missions lawfully, ethically and last but not least humanely. We strongly believe that only the code of ethic can successfully lead us to the real victory in each and every of our organization’s projects and missions and to maintain our best quality services among the competitors in our market amidst of nowadays’ confusing business conflicts. Thus, we expect and make sure that all of our employees are familiar with our valued code of ethics and understand them thoroughly to bring out the effective and efficient outcomes not only for our clients and vendors but also for our own employees’ growth. In the future, we aim to create a sustainable and stress free working environment through our code of ethics.


Think Big, Aim High, Work Smart