First Ethics & Compliance Workshop

Oct 22, 2016

First Ethics & Compliance Workshop took place on 22 October 2016 at the SMART Training Center located in SMART Head Office, Yangon. The members of Compliance Team and HSE Team was led as a training team and there are total 49 participant from SGC Head Office Employee was attended.
This workshop, mainly focus our Employee to better understand the compliance risk exposure so that informed risk management decisions may be taken and find the effective solution to prevent it. Ms Naing July , Compliance Leader opened the session by Welcoming and Introduction of Compliance Program . Mrs Yadana Su Hlaing , Managing Director of STS was presented About Importance and Benefits of Ethics and Compliance.
To conduct effective Role Play and Case Studies Session , all participant was divided Six Groups and they actively performed Tailor Made Role Play concerns with their related topics such as Social Responsibility in Workplace Area , Eco Friendly Working Area , Anti-Bribery and Corruption with Stakeholders , Important of confidentiality & Data Protection , Equality Opportunity and Right in Workplace , Think Safety and Work Safely . The rest of the participants contributed their comments on each of the presentations.
After the break, all participant was answered the individual compliance quiz based on the policies of Human Rights, Ant- Corruption, Labor ,Grievance Mechanisms , Environment and Safety . Mr Kyaw Kyaw Hlaing ,Chairman of SGC had joined us by this time and speech related about the Ethic and Compliance.
At the Case Studies Session, Group(A) discussed about Bribery and Corruption Case of LATAM Airline , Group (B ) discussed about Environmental Impact Case of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill un Gulf of Mexico , Group (C) discussed about Labor Rights Case of NIKE in Parkistan , Group (D) discussed about Grievance Mechanisms Case of Yuzana Company , Group (E) discuss about Safety Case of Norway Crash , Group (F) discussed About Human Rights Case study of SHELL . All of the group presented the Summary of Case and the result of their discussions by following points :

  1. Describe the root cause of case and who is the risk owner?
  2. Which type of law did they violate and what is their enforcement result? Please discuss it.
  3. How did the case owner solve the problems (including community complaints/ taking responsibility/ gave remedy action on that case)? (OR) What is your best solution to handle this case?
  4. After learning this case, what is your action plan to prevent this case in SMART? What policies and procedures will you implement in the workplace?

After completion their discussion , Certificated of participations were awarded to each of the participants by Ms Naing July and The Outstanding Group of Role Play and Case Studies were awarded by Mrs Yadana Su Hlaing. The First Ethics and Compliance Workshop was closed at 1:30 PM.